Our most important goal is to understand your needs and dreams for the future so we can work with you to pursue them. Our strongest relationships have lasted since we founded AWA Wealth Management and that level of trust has given our clients great confidence. Our AWA team strives to provide our clients with exceptional service.




Mutual Funds
ETF’s (Exchange Traded Fund)
Common Stock
Reit’s (Real Estate Investment Trust)
Treasury Bills
Government Securities
Treasury Notes
Variable Annuities
Index, fixed and structured products


Money Guide Pro
Estate Planning
College Planning
Tax Planning
Riskalyze / Risk Number
Pension Planning
401k Planning
Social Security Planning
Wealth Enhancement Strategies
Wealth Preservation Strategies
Charitable Giving
Wealth Transfer Strategies


Individual Retirement Account
Roth IRA
Simple IRA
401k plans
403b plans
457 plans
529 accounts
Profit Sharing Plans


Life Insurance
Long Term Care
Disability Income