While our investment plan sets the foundation of your financial house, the Advanced Plan looks beyond investments to address other financial issues that may be critical to you for reaching all your financial goals. These include wealth enhancement, wealth protection, wealth transfer, and charitable giving. As your personal chief financial officer, my team and I will help you take care of these issues.


The goal of your our Advanced Plan is straightforward: to help our clients address their most pressing needs in the four areas of advanced planning:


Wealth Enhancement - Advanced planning to help clients with ensuring “cash flow” and mitigating taxes. The goal is to minimize tax impact on clients’ investment returns.

Wealth Protection- Advanced planning that involves employing concepts and strategies to ensure your wealth is not unjustly taken from potential litigants, ex-spouses, and children’s spouses as well as to protect you against catastrophic loss.

Charitable Giving - Advanced planning for helping fulfill clients philanthropic goals and maximizing the effectiveness of a charitable intent.

Wealth Transfer - Advanced planning to help our client effectively protect their assets and facilitate the most tax-efficient ways to pass assets to succeeding generations in a way that meets the client’s wishes.


The Advanced Specialists



Our Advanced Plan encompasses a network of hand-selected qualified professionals who strive to protect your personal and business assets. AWA Wealth Management, networks and collaborates with one or all of the following professionals -  Certified Financial Advisor, Estate Attorney, CPA accountant, Insurance Broker, Property Management, Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Broker - so we can assist in all aspects of Wealth Management.

This network of specialists applies its expertise to evaluate all aspects of client’s financial situation and devise appropriate strategy. Our network carefully selected professionals, each with a high level of knowledge and skill in key financial areas evaluate all aspects of your financial situation. We meet together as a group to provide a deep understanding of each client and then to draw out the optimal recommendations for addressing their needs. As wealth advisors, we act as the general manager to bring support to all of your life needs and wants. 

With our Advanced Plan professional network we will better understand the technical issues and the range of potential recommendations. We will know enough about you and your goals to recognize when there may be an opportunity, but will always continue to rely on our professional network to positively identify those opportunities. 



As wealth advisors, we know the big-picture perspective on tax planning, but an accountant has much more detailed, day-to-day knowledge of income taxes, and are able to make specific recommendations to mitigate these taxes.


An insurance specialist works closely with the private client lawyer to identify and structure solutions that leverage the entire range of insurance products.


Other specialists we may work with include: personal lines insurance specialist, credit specialist, and corporate tax lawyers.